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Our People


Professionals with exceptional legal background and years of law expertise.
Maizorig Janchivdorj

Maizorig, Managing Partner, “MDS and Khanlex” LLP, and advises clients on various transactions involving project financing, M&A and corporate matters. He heads the PPP/Project finance, Infrastructure, Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration practices of the firm.

Dugerjav Dash-Onolt

Dugerjav advices private companies, state owned companies and Mongolian government in areas of capital markets, securities and legislative policy research.

Batbuyan Sodnomjamts

Since 2014, Batbuyan has been working as an associate, senior associate and now working as a partner at MDS KhanLex LLP. He is a member of Mongolian Bar Association and an authorized lawyer.

Temuulen Bataa

She has 20 years of experience in Mongolian legal sector. She advises clients in relation to intellectual property, project finance and dispute resolution/arbitration.

Bayartuul Chimed-Ochir

Bayartuul is a prominent lawyer providing financial and corporation governance consulting service to multinational and national companies which are intended to enhance their governance and owner’s benefit. Her company governance consulting service aims to protect company investment and its share value based on corporation governance assessment.

Surenkhuu Sukhee

Surenkhuu Sukhee is a Senior Associate specialising in mining, environment, research and development of legal policy documents and corporate law.


Promising talents with disciplined minds.
Anu-Ujin Bumkhuu

Anu-Ujin Bumkhuu primarily works in the areas of corporate, capital market, security, dispute resolution and enforcement of court decisions.

Tuvshintuguldur Maralkhuu

Tuvshintuguldur Maralkhuu has been working in the MDS KhanLex since 2018 and primarily work on M&A, Corporate Law and Dispute resolution.

Nyambayar Jadamba

Nyambayar Jadamba has been working in the MDS KhanLex since 2018 and primarily works in the areas of corporate/M&A and securities.

Ariunzul Mungun

Ariunzul Mungun has been working in the MDS KhanLex since 2018 and working on establishing domestic and foreign investment legal entity, drafting reference letter of the Company and agreements, and concluding legal opinion regarding matter of the company law.

Nomin Nyamdorj

Nomin Nyamdorj assists clients by drafting legal documents, researching, conducting legal due diligence/corporate check, handling corporate transactions. She primarily works in the areas of corporate/M&A, contract law.

Enkh-Amgalan Gankhuyag

Enkh-Amglan Gankhuyag primarily assists clients in drafting legal documents and agreements, conducting legal research and due diligence.

Anar Tuvshinjargal

Anar Tuvshinjargal mainly assists clients on drafting legal document and agreement and conducting legal research and opinion.

Itgel Bayarbat

Itgel Bayarbat conducts legal research, analysis and translation and assists clients in drafting and preparing legal documents. She is well acquainted with arbitral practice and international law.

Nomingoo Galbadrakh

Nomingoo Galbadrakh has been working in the MDS KhanLex since 2019, primarly assists clients by drafting legal documents, conducting legal due diligence, and research.