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Mongolia, the holder of one of the world’s largest coal and other mineral resources and located close to major Asian economies, has become an attractive acquisition destination for the global and regional mining groups. Abundant with mineral resources coupled with conducive business environment and proximity to China, South Korea, Japan and India, major consumers of mineral resources, this resource rich country is offering lucrative business opportunities for international industry players.

We believe the Mongolian mining companies will remain one of the most attractive targets for the global and regional mining groups. Proximity to the major coal and other mineral consumers in Asia, including China, South Korea, Japan and India, and strong outlook for coal international prices make Mongolia an ideal place to expand operations by major coal and other mineral players. Therefore, we expect the global and regional major coal players, including energy, steel-making and commodities trading companies, to capitalise on attractive industry opportunities in Mongolia by acquiring both publicly listed and private-held mining companies.

MDS KhanLex LLP is one of the leading law firms involved in mergers and acquisition transactions in Mongolia. The transactional experience of our lawyers, international reach and expertise through global network of our affiliation with global law firms, have allowed us to maintain our leadership position, representing a broad array of public and private companies, private equity firms and financial sponsors, investment banks, governmental entities, and other institutions and individuals in almost every type of M&A situation. We are engaged in the full spectrum of public and private M&A and private equity transactions of all sizes.

We are able to draw upon the specific expertise of various lawyers in the firm in order to form a legal team to provide the full range of services necessary to consummate transactions in today’s complex legal and regulatory environment.

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