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Legislative Policy

Under the Constitution of Mongolia, Parliament exercises the legislative authority. While the emerging country’s market relation develops, unprecedented products and services have been introduced in Mongolia. Uprising economic, environmental and social sectors are in need of improved legislation. One form of Government ensuring and supporting the public and private sector’s participation in the legislation process is to cooperate closely with experts and professionals to draft legislation, to independently evaluate the implementation of the policy, policy research, and to seek legal opinions.

Our partners have over 10 years of work experience in the government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice. Therefore based on the experience we do comparative legal analysis, draft procedures of laws, rules and regulations, and prepare a report with recommendations by monitoring the implementation of the legislation.

Dugerjav Dash-Onolt leads our practice of Legislative Policy. She served at the decision making level of the government authorities, such as General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Justice and Financial Regulatory Commission which brought her extensive experience in the legislative policy sector. She worked on the drafting of the Civil Code of Mongolia in 1994 and 2002. Also she is one of the co-authors of the scientific interpretation of the Civil Code of Mongolia. She had acted as a team leader to draft Mongolian Law on Arbitration and amendments to other related laws as proposed by the Ministry of Justice. Since 1994 Dugerjav taught law at university. She also worked on the development of the textbooks, handbooks, guides and teaching methods for adults and children’s legal education. She has published several research articles on business law, taxation law, finance law, company law, and participated in preparing of the Civil Code interpretation.

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