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Law firm MDS KhanLex launches Mongolia’s first ‘robot lawyer’

14 November 2019. Ulaanbaatar. MDS KhanLex launches Mongolia’s first ‘robot lawyer’ — profit-shares with staff — prepares for launch of legaltech research institute


Top-tier Mongolian law firm MDS KhanLex has launched ‘iGeree’ – an online contract automation and AI chatbot platform focused initially on employment law, with plans to extend to company law coverage in 2020. The platform is the first offering of its kind in Mongolia.

The iGeree platform consists of 2 services:

  • A contract automation platform, enabling construction and drafting of legal documents without requiring user legal skill or knowledge; and
  • An AI / natural-language trained chatbot which provides instant legal advice within its trained scope.

The contract automation platform is subscription based, while the chatbot component is accessible free of charge.

Employment law currently constitutes 13.6% of civil disputes in Mongolia.


Further expansion development announced

At the iGeree launch event, the firm announced that the contract automation platform will be further extended to cover company law matters in the first quarter of 2020, including incorporation related document drafting, shareholder’s agreements and corporate resolutions.

Extension of the chatbot component will take longer – possibly up to two years, due to the extensive amount of time and effort required to map legal knowledge pertaining to civil transactions; building the associated NLP (natural language processing) engine; and enabling the machine learning process which allows for unstructured data to be understood.



Maizorig Janchivdorj, Managing Partner of MDS KhanLex and founder of CodeLex Legaltech, explained the strategy behind the development:

“We decided as a firm in 2018 that we wanted to actively modernize and innovate our business model and approach to market servicing. The launch of iGeree represents one strand of the execution of this strategy.”

“Also in line with strategy, iGeree presents an opportunity to contribute to improvement of ‘access to justice’ in the Mongolian market, which studies have shown has a direct link to GDP growth[1].”

The impact on SMEs and startup companies is likely to be significant, according to MDS KhanLex partner Batbuyan Sodnomjamts:

“Finding a lawyer who is sufficiently skilled and affordable is a big challenge for early stage companies in Mongolia. The lack of such legal services often results in bad deals or failure to protect interests at a time when such input is highly needed. By having access to iGeree, we hope this theme will change – access to legal services backed by one of the largest law firms in Mongolia via your laptop or smartphone – effectively this platform will be the Virtual Law Department of any given SME or startup once the company law module is in operation.”


iGeree development & inputs

The iGeree platform was built by a team of 26 people from 4 companies, including lawyers, data engineers, coders and designers. A team of 13 from MDS KhanLex spent 4,800 person/hours preparing raw data, tagging and training of 6,300 ‘entities’ (which references [words/phrases/concepts]).

Within the system, 28% of the solutions required development of ontology-based knowledge graphs to identify, map and reflect possible channels of user intent, while 72% of solutions presented within the data require what could be contextually regarded as ‘simple’ intent.

MDS KhanLex staff involved with development of iGeree stand to benefit directly from the platform, via a percentage profit share after operating expenses, for as long as they remain with the firm.


Establishment of legaltech research institute

MDS Khanlex is further spearheading legaltech research and development in Mongolia with set-up of a new legaltech research institute, in conjunction with CodeLex Legaltech, and in collaboration with a number of companies in the fields of data engineering and AI.

Discussions are presently underway with founding members of the proposed institute.



  • MDS KhanLex is the largest law partnership in Mongolia, assisting local businesses and foreign investors alike by blending international legal industry knowledge with broad local expertise – with a heavy focus on understanding a client’s business needs, and finding practical solutions to meet those needs. MDS KhanLex’s professional expertise and achievements are recognised or recommended in leading legal industry directories such as Chambers and Partners, The Legal500 and AsiaLaw Profiles.
  • Codelex Legaltech is Mongolia’s first legaltech company, established in Mongolia and Singapore, with staff in Ulaanbaatar, Tokyo and Singapore. Codelex has launched a legal practice management system for small and mid-sized law firms in developing markets (e-Lawyer) which has achieved 30% marketshare in Mongolia, with plans for expansion into other jurisdictions. Codelex is currently pre-launch with a lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace (Lexub) which will initially be focused across various Asian Markets.
  • The three companies involved with the development of iGeree are:
    • Bodsoft LLC is consisted of talented developers who are experienced in developing websites and mobile applications.
    • Anduud Lab LLC is a team of young professionals who have international working experienced and is working hard to introduce a successful artificial intelligence oriented business assistant to Mongolia.
    • B Studio LLC is a Mongolian designing company that provide their services, which consists of brand designing, video editing, designing application and program, and website developing since 2014.


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