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Discussion On “Upgrading Legal Environment Of Local Governance” took place at the State House

15th March 2019, Ulaanbaatar city. According to our previous report, “MDS&KhanLex” LLP is working on draft of “Law of Mongolia on Administrative And Territorial Units and Their Governance” in accordance with the “Legal Consultancy Service Agreement” signed with the “Strengthening Representative Bodies in Mongolia” project.
Due to draft law, discussion on the “Improving Legal Environment for Local Governance” was held on 15th March 2019 at the Standing Committee on State Structure.

“Local Governance System and Legal Reform” conference, which was previously held on 15 and 16 January 2019 respectively, discussed about implementation of law, way to address implementation issues in the legal framework and adopted “Guideline” regarding such issues on draft law.

Mr. Maizorig.J, Partner at “MDS&KhanLex” LLP,  made presentation on “General issues drafted into Law of Mongolia On Administrative And Territorial Units And Their Governance”, which reflected Guideline of previous conference.

Also there were 3 other speakers who delivered speeches such as Ganzorig D., member of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia (An Analysis on Implementation of the Law of Mongolia On Administrative And Territorial Units And Their Governance), Sukhbaatar S., head of the Citizens’ Representative Meeting of the Dundgovi Aimag (Proposals submitted by local authorities to the draft law On Administrative And Territorial Units And Their Governance) and Batjargal J., governor of Tuv Aimag (Reports on Challenges to Address Coordination between Central, Local and Branches). After these speeches participants such as member of Parliament of the Mongolia, researchers, experts and local authorities had exchanged their opinions.


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