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Hearing of draft law for amendment of Constitution of Mongolia to begin

Date: 18 June 2019

Location: Ulaanbaatar city

A draft law for Amendment of Constitution of Mongolia was submitted to the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia on 6 June 2019. It was discussed among the members of Parliament during its plenary session on 18 June 2019 and as a result, 94,8 percent of the member of Parliament has voted to approve the draft to be futher heard.

Procedure of Amending the Constitution of Mongolia is governed by a specific law and it is required to go through several stages such as collecting public opinion etc,.

It is also legal requirement that Parliament of Mongolia shall not discuss any other draft law or matter once Parliament of Mongolia has started to discuss a draft law to amend of Constitution of Mongolia.

The new draft to amend of Constriction is consisted of features:

  • Ensuring a legal environment to form a stable Cabinet, a prime minister heads a government and in charge of implementing laws before Parliament;
  • A president will be elected for 6 years (one time) under poll of extended representatives of Parliament, not only the public. The President will be officially embodiment of the unity of the Mongolian people; and
  • Modifying laws and regulations on establishing a Citizen Representative Khural of city and soum, and appointing or dismissing a governor of each level, separating political party, government and judiciary institution.

MDS & KhanLex LLP has been taking part in drafting revision of Law of Mongolia on Administrative and Territorial Unity since September 2018 and it will be priority task for Parliament of Mongolia to heat this draft once proposed amendment to Constitution of Mongolia is enacted.



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