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Book Launch: Law of Mongolia on Arbitration (Brief Commentary)

The Parliament of Mongolia enacted the new Law of Mongolia on Arbitration on January 26, 2017. In this regard, Dugerjav D., a partner of MDS KhanLex LLP has published a book: Law of Mongolia on Arbitration (Brief Commentary). She has been actively engaged in developing the draft of the law from the beginning until the enactment.

The commentary aims to briefly interpret every provisions and articles of the new law and to demonstrate the law’s connection between other laws of Mongolia. In addition to the commentary, an official English  text of the law and details of major international arbitral institutions are included in the book. This commentary of the law does not constitute an official interpretation of the law and contains position and views of the author.

Interested persons may purchase the book from the office of MDS KhanLex LLP or by calling +976 11 330048.



























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