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MDS KhanLex evaluates anti-corruption activities of the Ministries of Mongolia and institutions established by the State Great Khural

MDS KhanLex LLP has conducted independent evaluation on anti-corruption activities of 15 ministries of Mongolia and 7 institutions established by the State Great Khural in 2015 and announced the result to the public today on International Anti-Corruption Day.


The team leader D.Dugerjav and team members-associate M.Zolzaya and B.Tuvshintungalag and Office Manager B.Otgonbat have conducted the evaluation in 21 days, developed a report which includes results of the evaluation for each 22 institutions separately, displays comparison of the result of last 3 years and reflected advancement, insufficiency, good practice, their comments and recommendation to the report.


The report will be published on the web pages of Independent Authority Against Corruption and the firm shortly.

For more information regarding this publication, please contact with Dugerjav D., the Partner of the firm. Phone: +(976) 99119181, +(976) 11 330048; email:


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