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MDS KhanLex assists for the negotiation of “Moncement Project” Investment Agreement

MDS KhanLex, represented by its Partner J.Maizorig, has assisted and advised on the negotiation of Investment agreement of Moncement Project. The Investment agreement was signed between the Ministry of Industry, “Monpolymet” LLC, and “Moncement Building Materials” LLC on December 28, 2015. The Moncement cement, lime, and clinker processing factory will be based at the Senjit Khudag limestone deposit, located at Dornogobi Province’s Urgun soum. Monpolyment has been implementing the project since 2006, and “Moncement Building Materials” LLC will continue the project’s implementation.

Estimates show that MNT 21.8 billion will be generated by the factory for the state budget annually, and 375 jobs will be created. The factory will be able to produce 984,000 tons of clinker, one million tons of cement, and 100,000 tons of lime when operating at maximum capacity.

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