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Management Of Mongolian Bar Association Visits MDS KhanLex

May 6, 2016. Ulaanbaatar city. Management of Mongolian Bar Association has initiated an activity to visit big law partnerships operating in Mongolia and to exchange opinions with management of those firms in order to implement the initiatives originated from the consultative meeting “Issues of development of law partnerships” organized by the Bar Association. In this framework, the President of Mongolian Bar Association B.Gunbileg and the Chairman of the Secretariat Office Ts.Ganbold visited MDS KhanLex today, and exchanged their opinion with the Partners of the firm J.Maizorig and D.Dugerjav regarding the development of partnerships and the problems faced by partnerships.

At the meeting, the management of the Bar Association noted that the law partnerships’ own incentive is vital to establish sub-committee of law partnerships, and expressed their willingness to provide technical support. In addition, issues of lawyers’ professional responsibility, its consequences, insurance, double tax imposed for law partnerships and possibilities and incentives to utilize IT developments in lawyers’ professional conduct are discussed during the meeting.


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