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The Standing Committee of Economics enacted 23 laws, 9 resolution.

The Parliament’s 2013 Autumn Assembly, the Standing Committee of Economics majority of the planned work were aimed to stabilizing the inflation, strengthening the macroeconomic and financial sector, identifying the monetary policy’s general guidelines that shall adhere in 2014 in order to improve economic immunity, accelerating the development of the capital market and creating favorable conditions for foreign investment, increasing return on investment, and identifying mineral sector’s objectives.

During the reporting period, the Standing Committee, a total of 24 times and the Committee’s Project Preparation and the Supervising team assembled about 80 times. Throughout the assembly the Standing Committee enacted the 23 laws and 9 resolutions; discussed 3 international relations draft agreement, approved 2 draft agreement, revised the Oil Law and discussed the related 11 final drafts, prepared to discuss during the general meeting.

Out of the 32 laws enacted during the parliament’s assembly, 4 of them were revised or newly enacted, 19 of them were revoked or amended and 9 of them were State Great Khural’s resolution.

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