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Artist Ch.Khurelbaatar’s solo exhibition (Jun 2014)

The law partnership of MDS & Khanlex are pleased to present this catalogue. It is so far the first ever complete collection of paintings by Ch. Khurelbaatar, Mongolia’s acclaimed modern-day artist.

Being a leading and the largest Mongolian law firm requires from us the highest standard of social responsibility and commitment. Bringing the finest of Mongolian’s fine arts to the art lovers like you is an honor in and of itself, too. This is the first and definitely not the last of the arts and other social projects that MDS & KhanLex will be undertaking going forward.

We thank Ch.Khurelbaatar for his wisdom and mastery. We also thank Art Council of Mongolia for the stellar, as usual , work in producing this publication.

May virtuous deeds flourish!


Artist Ch.Khurelbaatar opening the exhibition.




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